Mika ~ My first Rescue, my constant companion, my confidante and my best friend for 11 incredible years!!

Tatonka and Remington ~ Rescue Sisters; though I am not sure who rescued who, these beautiful souls came to me just weeks after loosing Mika in January of 2015

    I am an outdoor enthusiast, an animal lover and and a dreamer........ 

     When I first starting taking "pictures" back in the 90's while still in School, I instantly fell in love.......... But time has a way of changing our lives, and it wasn't until about 7 years ago when I received my first Canon Rebel that I was again taken by the power of the lens!  Since that first shot I have again been hooked and will seldom be found without a camera on my person or in my truck.  Through trial and error, a few classes, a lot of reading and many hours spent in the trees I am slowly starting to carve my own little niche ; I still work full time in Calgary.

     I hope you enjoy looking at the Galleries as much as i enjoy creating the images, please click the "contact me" tab for any questions, comments, or photo~shoot booking inquiries you may have.  

      all my landscape, wildlife and zoo images are available for purchase on fine art paper or canvas, see the "products and Services" tab for more information.

     See you down the Gravel Road.......


Kaara McCaghren ~ The Gravel Road Photographer